Kiez tour with
Titten "Titts" Tina (Tina Boob)

The somewhat other guided city tour. The "cultural program" for your funny bone!

The Kiez tour with Titten Titts Tina, the comedian Kiez expert with a cheeky, yet charming gift of gab, takes its guests on a tour of the sinful mile: The Hamburg Reeperbahn. In addition to the well-known attractions of the legendary red light district, for example, the Grosse Freiheit, the Herbertstrasse or the Davidwache, the Kiez tour with Titten Tina will expose you to insights behind the scenes from original harbor bars, dives and erotic establishments.

Kiez tour with Titten Tina – the "Cultural Program" for your Funny Bone

Titten Tina kicks off the tour right in the middle of Hamburg’s Kiez, where she gives her guests a rousing presentation of the history of St. Pauli and its legends. The Kiez tour with Titten Tina will be anything but boring: During the obligatory sex shop visit on the tour, you’ll get to see a real ball buster. You’ll also be provided with insight behind the scenes about original harbor bars, dives and erotic nightclubs.

Kiez tour with Titten Tina – "Nich lang schnacken...

… Kopf in Nacken!" is a famous Hamburg saying spoken when making a toast. On the Kiez tour with Titten Tina, each and every one of her guests is absolutely required to down a shot with her. When visiting the world famous box bar "Zur Ritze", every guest will be given a shot. Serving as the crowning conclusion to the day, whoever is in the mood is welcome to join us around 10:30 pm for free entry to a former striptease club right smack dab in the middle of the Reeperbahn. At a private party – and including a free drink (soft drink or a shot) – you’ll witness a surprise top class performance (for example, Burlesque comedy striptease or live music).
Live it up in the former striptease club or take things easy while enjoying the evening...

Kiez Tour with Titten Tina – The finest in Kiez Comedy

After the Kiez tour with Titten Tina, any and every guest can call himself a Kiez expert with a wink! If you should have any questions during the interesting, exciting, moving but most especially comical "Comedy Pure Tour", don’t hold back! When Titten Tina actually takes a second of breath in between her gags, just throw out your question. The uncrowned Queen of Kiez comedy is always ready with an answer.

The rendezvous point: In the middle of the Reeperbahn (house no. 56), right next to McDonalds

Only groups starting from 10 persons

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