Stag Night Hamburg - St.Pauli Reeperbahn Hangover-Party

Stag Night Hamburg St.Pauli All-incl. Hangover Party-Tour! Limousine pick-up service, amusing party guide, stroll up and down the Reeperbahn, Club&Pub. VIP

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The crucial hotspots

Accompanied by Kiez legend “Funny Tina”, you’ll discover legendary sites like Herbertstrasse, Grosse Freiheit or Hans-Albers-Platz in Hamburg St. Pauli. Take a light-hearted look at the history that’s made St. Pauli the place it is today.

Kiez Cult

Visit the world-renowned boxing pub Zur Ritze and get a “kurzer” shot for free – and a black eye and a hangover as well, if you like. Free of charge! With a bit of luck, you’ll meet notorious Hamburgers like Udo Lindenberg, the Klitschkos. Or watch the who’s who of boxing and Kiez legends come to. Mike Tyson, Muhamed Ali and more!

All-incl. Redlight Hangover-Party tour planner

  • Stretch limousine pick-up service (airport / central station or hotel)
  • funny costume for guys out on their stag nights
  • amusing comedy party guide Tina will guide you through the tour
  • stroll up and down the Reeperbahn with the bachelors being publicly humiliated
  • snack on the way (Best Burger in Town)
  • visit to the boxing pub "zur Ritze" incl. knocking back a short and a black eye if you want
  • "All you can Drink" (beer, wine & sparkling wine) in the VIP lounge of a club location
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The crassest & funniest Stag Night story from over 10 years, to die laughing!!!!

Here once a bachelor has really spread fear and terror or have many people worried!

The bachelor Hangover-Party, or Stag Night Hamburg, was in full swing and all had a lot of fun at a huge booze in a Kiez pub. When the whole thing was coming to an end, the bachelor was suddenly gone. His boys did not worry at first, because they already knew this from him. But sometime at noon the boys called us here in the office that they were already on their way home and he was still not to be found. The guys thought, he is already alone on the way home... We made ourselves then on the search and rattled off the hotel and various bars and asked whether here is perhaps still someone is stuck. In a pub we got the hint that someone has broken out there, where actually typical way is broken into.

When we asked what clothes the burglar was wearing, we were told that he was wearing a BORAT costume and nothing else. Nothing was stolen, but only one room was destroyed, namely the broom closet.

A few hours later the best man called us and told us that Christian from Stuttgart took the wrong turn on his way to the toilet and fell asleep in the broom closet :)He had to break out in the dun-keln there because no one was in the pub in the morning because it was closed. And last but not least, in Borat costume, without money, without cell phone, take the train back home...:). But the best man, the bride and the parents were happy that everything ended well.

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